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Hello Multicultural Volunteers,


The GDMF will be starting their first annual social media team for the 2018 festival.  We are looking for volunteers to help with photography, sharing positive messages of multiculturalism in  social media posts, and other online public relations positions.  Volunteer hours can be used towards the high school volunteer graduation requirements.


Volunteers must be able and willing to:

*Work with programs such as Canva to create instagram posts

*Be willing to research and learn about the backgrounds of flags, food and community groups around the community

*Monitor and report of your actual volunteer hours

*Use social media in a professional setting

*Attend all scheduled meetings held once a month


Leadership opportunities are available, so let us know if you are interested in running  your own subcommittee.  Participating in this committee allows you to be creative through your own interests.  However,  if you take on an assignment but don’t hand anything back to the committee, you will not be granted your volunteer hours until your commitment has been fulfilled.


Please reply to this email and include the following questions below.  Copy and paste the box below and fill out the blanks in your reply. Deadline to reply is Friday September 8th at 4:30pm.  Our first meeting will be tentatively held on Tuesday September 12th at 7pm.  Location to be determined.  Volunteer waiver form must be submitted at the first meeting to participate.


Your name:  

Your age:

What school do you attend?:

What strengths do you have that can help improve this committee?

What are your weaknesses?

What would you like to do?

*photography (Instagram)

*Canva (Instagram or Twitter)

*holiday research

*community involvement (share stories about restaurants and clubs from about town)

*Something else… (write below)


*You will need to get a parent/guardian consent form signed to participate in this program if you are under 18.



Ashley Richardson

@Guelphdmf Board Member

Social Media Community Connector  @GuelphDMF Guelphdmf

2018 Festival Dates

June 8, 9, & 10 at Riverside Park in Guelph

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