Children’s Tent

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Come enjoy the Children’s Tent for a welcoming, child-friendly environment where families can experience arts and music from different cultures through performances, workshops and hands-on activities. This year we are marking International Year of Pulses.  Pulses are legumes such as lentils and chick peas and are critical to the health and sustainability of the planet – not only for their nutritional value, but for their value in improving soil health as a rotation crop.


2016 Schedule 

Friday, 10th June, 7:00 pm                   Pyjama Yoga     


Saturday, 11th June & Sunday, 12th June           (Tent open 12 – 5 pm)

  • Face painting by Volunteers 1:00 – 4:00pm
  • Passport Activity hosted by Family & Children’s Services
  • Art activity hosted by the Guelph School of Art
  • Display and activities hosted by Universities Fighting World Hunger to mark International Year of Pulses
  • Family themed materials and activities


 Saturday, 12th June:

12:30 pm           K-Pop Lesson by GCVI Students

1:30 pm             Puppets Elora performance of “Stone Soup”

3:00 pm             African drumming workshop by Afroculture

4:30 pm             Storytelling

 Sunday, 12th June:

12:30 pm              Spirit Connections Aboriginal Circle

2:00 pm                Taking Turns Latin-inspired children’s music

3:00 pm                Ukulele Workshop

4:30 pm                Storytelling


 Puppets Elora performance of “Stone Soup”

Puppets Elora performance of “Stone Soup”


2017 Festival Dates

June 9, 10, & 11 at the Riverside Park in Guelph

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