Flag Raising Ceremony

Flag Raising Ceremony History 

Created in 2006 to mark the 20th anniversary celebration of the Festival at the Riverside Park site, the One World Living Together Flag symbolizes the core objectives of unity and peace promoted by the Festival, and our wishes as citizens of the world, to work together towards these goals.

2017 Flag Raising Ceremony

This year the ceremony will take place at Guelph City Hall on:

May 30th, 2017  


In a world where many are hungry, we give thanks for the food that sustains us!
In a world where many have no shelter, we give thanks for a place to call home! 
In a world where many are alone, we give thanks for family and friends! 
In a world where many suffer with illness, we give thanks for healing! 
In a world where illiteracy remains an all-too-tragic reality, we give thanks for places of learning! 
In a world where hatred and violence prevail, we give thanks for those glimpses of peace!
May we treasure the gifts of life, love and truth. 
May we have the patience to listen, the courage to challenge and the grace to be compassionate! 
May we be relentless in our work for justice, unity and peace! 
~Author Unknown


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