The 2018 Festival welcomed over 18 performers representing different parts of the world! 

For the first time,  Toronto’s very own Escola de Samba performed at the 201 8 Festival! These musicians shared their passion for Samba through song and dance. 

Guelph’s very own Ishra & Invoketress Dance took us on a magical journey from Bombay to Cairo with two engaging and interactive shows!

To celebrate the Festival, Son de La Guayra will be kicking off our very own Carnival! Watch as they feel the music while performing at a previous Festival!

The music continues with Steerage, comprised of six friends who share a love for playing music. Join the party at this year’s Festival! Watch them perform at our previous Festival!

If you are interested in participating, please review the GDMF Cultural Performers – Main Stage Application 2019

Parade & Traditional Outfits

The Multicultural Traditional Outfit Parade – This colorful parade is one of the major highlights of the opening ceremony. Several community groups show off their cultural heritage by donning traditional attire. The parade is enthusiastically joined by the Mayor and other dignitaries attending the opening ceremony. The On-Stage Traditional Fashion Show – Cultural representatives from numerous communities show off their finest costumes on stage.

2019 GDMF Ceremonial Traditional Outfits Showcase Application – Coming Soon 

2019 GDMF Cultural Parade Application- Coming Soon 

Multicultural Award Selection Form 2019- Coming Soon 

Craft & Commercial Vendors

The craft and commercial vendors’ marketplace is a network of 40+ individual vendors selling and promoting a wide range of crafts, services, treats, collectibles, clothing, and one-of-a-kind delights from both around the world. Our goal is to welcome participation from as many different cultures, regions, and nationalities from around the world as possible. As a vendor, you are encouraged come and celebrate with your respective crafts, artifacts, clothing, performances, services, languages and history to make our Festival a truly interactive experience for all. Complete fees, including the application and booth rental, is $225.00 for the entire weekend.

2019 Craft & Commercial Vendors Application  

Children’s Tent

Come enjoy the Children’s Tent for a welcoming, child-friendly environment where families can experience arts and music from different cultures through performances, workshops and hands-on activities. The 2017 Children’s Tent celebrated Canada 150 by incorporating facts, symbols and places into the performances, workshops, stories and crafts of the children’s tent. Thank you to the Family & Children’s Services of Guelph & Wellington County who support the Children’s Tent by bringing their own volunteers and manning the “Passport Office” and giving out Frisbees to participants. Thank you too to Guelph School of Art who donated staff time and materials for the Canadiana collage.

City Youth Council

Each year The City of Guelph teams up with local community groups and the Guelph & District Multicultural Festival to offer a great cultural and entertainment experience at the festival for youth in Jr. High and High School to participate.

Community Networking Area

The Guelph & District Multicultural Festival prides itself on being a great opportunity to bring communities of all types together! Organizations, Associations and services providers are welcome to share their information with the community.


Highland Games

The Highland Games are the highlight of the Guelph & District Multicultural Festival and we are delighted to host the Highland Heavy Events for many years! Watch some amazing feats of strength and dexterity or even participate too! (Some training is recommended). If you are interested in participating, contact Athletic Director Christoph Wand at