The GDMF’s mission is to deliver a world-class affordable and accessible multi-faceted cultural experience to Guelph’s residents and visitors.


The GDMF’s mandate is to create cultural awareness and significant funding for local community groups as well as to foster economic development in the municipality. financially support the local cultural communities and entrepreneurs.

History of the Festival 

The Multicultural Festival was originally started by the Multicultural Centre in 1978. For ten years the Multicultural Festival was held downtown and was a very successful event.  Downtown Guelph

The success and encouragement from community members at the 1997 festival led the Board of Directors at the Multicultural Centre to revive the Multicultural Festival, however some important changes were made ; The Festival was moved to Riverside Park, the weekend of the festival was moved to the first weekend in June in order to avoid conflicts with other community events and the Festival partnered with the City of Guelph and other local business’ in order to make improvements to Riverside Park. This allowed  the festival to accommodate more food vendors, more people and become more versatile in general, thereby benefiting all community groups who wished to participate in the event.

Flag Raising 2008


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Meet the Team


Delfino Callegari


Delfino has been a driving force behind the Festival for over 30 years. He works with the Festival because he feels it’s a great opportunity for the community to come together. He also enjoys sitting on the Board of Directors. Delfino is retired and tends to a thriving vegetable garden, in addition to being very involved in the local cultural communities.

Anu Saxena


Anu has been a resident of Guelph since 1994 and over the years has seen the city grow tremendously in various sectors. As a member of the Board, Anu feels that her cultural background and interest in Arts and History will be helpful in reviewing and developing new policies to enhance the diversity in a number of ways within the multicultural community present in Guelph. Anu has also done fundraising in the past and has strong interpersonal skills which have allowed her to make strong connections with people at different levels within the community. She is actively involved within the community as a volunteer for various non-profit organizations and feels it is very rewarding to give something back to the community.

Thomas DiCarlo


 Nanita Mohan

Secretary/ Board Member


 Board Members

Delfino Callegari

Stella Hill

Anu Saxena

Thomas Di carlo

Valerie Vaz

Sara Finbow

Nanita Mohan

Ashley Richardson


 Volunteer Committee

Francis Lucas – Chair of the Volunteer Committee 

Richard James – Volunteer Coordinator

Carmine Luigi Bonacci – Volunteer Coordinator

Krystle Smith – Volunteer Coordinator